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Everyone has a talent and a unique perspective and when shared in ministry work and service to God, it helps creates a new dimension in your life and the lives you are touching. Utilizing your skills and knowledge here at home can make a difference in reaching children around the world with the Gospel of Christ.
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Opportunities To Volunteer

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 Administrative Team      Internship Opportunities     
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* Become a Missions Specialist (work with Awana missionaries, present at churches & conferences, serve as a liaison between Awana Clubs and Awana International headquarters)

* Become an Awana International Advocate (share Awana ministry with those you engage with on a daily basis)


 * Data entry or computer work serving at headquarters

* General office help

 * Help with donor support (i.e. thank you notes or calls)

 * Share a skill you possess such as website experience, marketing, etc.


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 * Share how God is working through Awana International with friends & family and how they can be involved today!


Questions? For more Information...

Please call us at (630) 540-4546, Monday through Friday,
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CMT, to speak with an Awana International Representative or email us today.